Creating Value
One Client at a Time

We dedicate ourselves to generating unparalleled value, one client at a time. Specializing in US-German tax relations, our team stands as a bridge between two fiscal worlds. Whether you’re in bustling German cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, or Berlin or navigating the financial landscape of the USA, our services ensure seamless financial management across the Atlantic.

Your Team in the USA

Our New York-based transatlantic tax specialists excel in transforming complex tax legislation into understandable, actionable strategies. Ensuring your financial compliance and optimization in both US and German tax landscapes is our primary goal. We invite you to connect with us to overcome geographical and linguistic barriers and streamline your financial journey across nations.

Wirtschaftsprüfer und Steuerberater in den USA®: Your Bridge Between Fiscal Realms

Dive into a world where financial complexities become clear. Our multilingual team, fluent in English and German, is expertly equipped to guide you through the intricacies of American and German tax systems. We offer comprehensive support for German companies with subsidiaries in the US, US citizens, and German nationals. Our services extend to in-depth knowledge of US tax law, tax consulting, filings, and the US-Germany Double Taxation Treaty. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum, including inheritance, dual residency, and international tax planning and optimization.

Steuerrecht USA Deutschland

US Tax Returns for Individuals with German Ties

Discover our unique approach to navigating the US’s singular taxation model, which impacts an estimated 9 million expatriates. Whether you’re a US citizen or a resident alien, our team is here to guide you through income, estate, gift tax returns, and estimated tax payments. Our advisors are skilled in ensuring compliance and maximizing tax efficiency, regardless of your location.