Wirtschaftsprüfung und Steuerberatung in den USA

Beratung im deutsch-amerikanischen Steuerrecht

Wirtschaftsprüfer und Steuerberater in den USA®

Passionate About Your Financial Success

We are your financial bridge between Germany and the USA, dedicated to serving and advising German companies and individuals across all 50 states. Our expertise extends to various fields, and we are enthusiastic about the following:

Expertise in Cross-Border Taxation
Financial Compilation and Review
  • Accounting Standards Compliance: Comprehensive services compiling and reviewing financials according to HGB, US-GAAP, and IFRS standards for businesses and private clients.
Robust Representation and Legal Support

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

We’re right at your fingertips on your iPhone and iPad:

Reach us from 9h ET (15h German time) or connect through Microsoft Teams Dr. Günther Grewe, Wirtschaftsprüfer (WP), Rechtsanwalt (RA), Steuerberater (StB), Certified Public Accountant (CPA)Microsoft Teams or WP@WP-RA-usa.com.

We Are Your Trusted Partners

We are German, we are American, we are New York, we are München, we are Köln, we are California, we are Texas. Trust our multinational identity to guide your business or personal finances toward success.

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