Wirtschaftsprüfung und Steuerberatung in den USA

Beratung im deutsch-amerikanischen Steuerrecht

Wirtschaftsprüfer und Steuerberater in den USA®

We are passionate about

  • US-Steuerberatung – Ihr Partner bei US-Steuerfragen
  • Serving and advising German companies in the U.S.A. and in all 50 states
  • Compiling and reviewing financials (HGB, US-GAAP, IFRS)
  • Preparing tax returns, consulting on taxes and sales tax
  • Structuring inheritance and gifts across borders
  • Representing our clients at Federal and state tax authorities, in tax audits, in Federal and state voluntary disclosures (Streamlined, other voluntary disclosure, Voluntary Disclosure Agreements)

We are right on your iPhone

when you dial in Germany from Köln +49 221 9974 9190 or New York +1 914 816 1115 (Dr. Grewe) or München +49 89 6151 5973 or San Francisco in California +1 914 205 6002 (Dipl.-Oec. Antje Klaunig) from 9h ET (15h German time), and your iPad with Microsoft Teams Dr. Günther Grewe, Wirtschaftsprüfer (WP), Rechtsanwalt (RA), Steuerberater (StB), Certified Public Accountant (CPA)Microsoft Teams or WP@WP-RA-usa.com.

We are German, we are American, we are New York, we are München, we are Köln, we are California, we are Texas.

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