“Straßenverkehrsdelinquenz und Marginalität”

Ausgrenzung – Das Phänomen der Marginalität und der Marginalisierung
Soziale Schranken institutioneller Regelung von Verhalten

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Criminological-Sociological Examination of Regulating Human Behavior: An In-depth Look at Road Traffic Rules

Diving deep into the intricate dynamics of institutional governance on human behavior, the study pivots around the subtleties of road traffic rules. The exploration is grounded in a criminological-sociological lens, challenging conventional paradigms associated with traffic systems.

The study uses traffic control as a case study to explore the possibilities and limits of institutional behavior regulation. Grounded in the notion of the social construction of reality, it conceptualizes traffic behavior as a system of person-object interactions, where the other becomes perceived as a quasi-object. It interprets crime as an institutionalized status degradation process characterized by ubiquity, rarity, and relativity.

At its core, the study develops a model illustrating the function and reality of social norms. This model argues that applying institutional sanctions faces limitations in preventing losses in effectiveness. The research suggests transferring state responsibilities in traffic regulation back to social communities through guiding systems.

By merging sociological and criminological perspectives, the dissertation contributes to understanding the social construction of deviant behavior. It opens avenues for further research in technology sociology and social labeling and exclusion processes.

The author earned their doctorate in law from the University of Frankfurt in 1978. This work served as the basis for their 1975 doctoral thesis in social psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, titled „Games for Criminal Status – Justice as Order through Structured Social Inequality.“

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Grewe, Günther – Straßenverkehrsdelinquenz und Marginalität: Untersuchungen zur institutionellen Regelung von Verhalten – Frankfurt am Main, Bern, Las Vegas: Lang, 1978 – (Frankfurter kriminalwissenschaftliche Studien, Bd. 4) – ISBN 3-261-02625-1
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